Francis Lynn

Francis Lynn

BC Children’s Hospital Research

Francis obtained his PhD in Physiology from the UBC in 2003.  Following this he moved to UCSF supported by JDRF Postdoctoral and Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowships.

Francis was recruited to the BCCHRI in 2009 and is an Associate Professor in the UBC Department of Surgery.  The Goepel Family/Canadian Diabetes Association Young Investigator Award in Islet Cell Development facilitated his move back to Canada; he was the first-ever Alan Permutt Career Development Awardee (JDRF) and is a MSFHR Scholar.

Francis’ work has led to publication of 45 articles that have collectively been cited over 3000 times in top journals including Dev Cell, Diabetes, PNAS, Nature and Nat Medicine.  The Lynn Lab currently has 9 members and is funded by grants from the CIHR, the CDA and the Stem Cell Network.  Research is focused on understanding how we can improve therapies for diabetes by taking cues from embryonic development.  For more information please see

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