Situated within UBC’s Biomedical Research Centre, SBME Innovates serves as a beacon for early-stage life sciences ventures on their journey to market success. As an incubation hub, we champion biotech innovations, transforming them from nascent ideas to societal game-changers. Ventures find a home with us for 6-24 months. As UBC’s premier Life Sciences Incubator, our mission is to fast-track biotech ideas from the conceptual stage to real-world impact. We offer a state-of-the-art wet lab space tailored for ventures that dare to think big.

Whether you’re an early-stage company with a transformative idea or a potential partner looking to collaborate, SBME Innovates is your gateway to driving life sciences innovation. Reach out to discover available spaces, understand our intake process, and explore the myriad of partnership opportunities awaiting you.

SBME Hatch Life
SBME Hatch Life

SBME Innovates Equipment and Infrastructure

3D Bioprinters –   tissue engineering and printing of more complex tissues and even full organs.

Material testing – rheometer, tensiometer, high speed camera

Cell culture – StemCell isolator, biosafety cabinet, pipettes

Bio-imaging – stereomicroscope, fluorescent microscope

Cell analysis – western blot automation, multiplex array, flow cytometry

General Laboratory equipment – refrigerated centrifuge, pipettes, fridge, freezer, liquid handling robo

For more details please contact

Raquel De Souza, PhD

Partnerships Manager
School of Biomedical Engineering at The University of British Columbia

Email: [email protected]