We Need You Help

By participating in these survey (see 2 survey’s linked below), you are not only helping us improve current activities and determine new directions for the program and/or programs that need to be developed, but you are providing material with which we can leverage the government to improve regenerative medicine funding in BC.

The BC Regenerative Medicine Initative is a UBC-funded research excellence cluster established in 2017 by Dr. Fabio Rossi. Launched as a way to unite members of the regenerative medicine community, our goal is to position Regenerative Medicine as an exemplar life science sector that Canada can lead in, and that can prototype government recommendations fo innovative cluster growth (i.e., training, scaling, local procurement, etc.).

BCREGMED cooperates closely with UBC’s flagship School of Biomedical Engineering. The SBME is founded through partnerships with more than 20 joint faculty members that are leaders in research areas from molecualr and cellular engineering, to biological imaging, computational biology and human interfacing devices. Much like BCREGMED, the SBME aims to facilitate the translation of scientific discovery to fundamental new biomedical technologies and innovative application to benefit human health.

Why Asset Maps?

Asset maps identify the strengths, resources, and limitations within a community. They provide an inventory of the current landscape–of the knowledge and skills, existing partnerships and opportunities, and trends in investments and grants–and help uncover new partners, opportunities, and under-utilized resources. Asset maps serve to determine and bridge gaps between what exists, and what is desired.

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