2018 BCRegMed Trainee Workshop

Pharmaceutical Sciences Building @ UBC 2405 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC

New in 2018, we held the first BCRegMed Trainee workshop!The aims of this workshop were to:Engage trainees, as current and future players in the BCREGMED and cell therapy sectors, in a discussion on thedirection and future needs of this rapidly growing areaFacilitate trainee professional development by exposing the trainees to careers in REGMED and cell therapy in BCProvide a unique networking opportunity for student trainees to benefit from the guidance of alumni, industry and academicexperts in their fieldsAgenda1:30-2:00pm: Registration (Coffee and snacks available)2:00-3:30pm: Peter Zandstra/Fabio Rossi “fireside chat”: The Future of Regenerative Medicine in BC”Dr. Fabio Rossi (Professor in Medical Genetics at UBC and [...]

2018 BCRegMed Symposium

Pharmaceutical Sciences Building @ UBC 2405 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC

Our 2018 Symposium happened on May 9th at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building at UBC! More than 220 attendees attended including scientists, trainees, and industry representatives from across Western Canada! Download the full Symposium booklet here! Or, simply Bdownload the Agenda here! Thank You To Our Sponsors

2018 BCRegMed Virtual Symposium

Connecting the West Coast Regenerative Medicine Community BCRegMed linked up with USC Stem Cell for an amazing one day! It featured engaging speakers from leaders in the Reg Med field, a virtual poster session (w. live chat dialogue on Slack – over 600 messages were exchanged) and trainee short talk competition. Thank you to all participants, we appreciate your support and enthusiasm. The event was a great success and we hope to have more in the future. Our program is shown below and can also be found in the Virtual Symposium Booklet, which also contains presenter info, trainee abstracts, social [...]

2019 Trainee Workshop

Chemical and Biological Engineering (CHBE), Rm 102 @ UBC 2360 East Mall V6T 1Z3, Vancouver, BC

In 2018 we introduced our Trainee Workshop! The aims of this workshop were to: Engage trainees, as current and future players in the BCREGMED and cell therapy sectors, in a discussion on the direction and future needs of this rapidly growing area Facilitate trainee professional development by exposing the trainees to careers in REGMED and cell therapy in BC Provide a unique networking opportunity for student trainees to benefit from the guidance of alumni, industry and academic experts in their fields Due to overwhelming participation, we are bringing our trainee-led day back this year this time focusing on informal scientific communication strategies, equity, diversity, [...]

2019 BCRegMed 3rd Annual Symposium

Great Hall @ The Nest 6133 University Blvd. Vancouver, BC, Vancouver, British Columbia

Our 2019 BCRegMed Symposium took place May 15th! Every year our symposium brings together individuals from the regenerative medicine and cellular therapy community and highlights exciting research underway on the local, regional, and international stage and this year was no different! BCREGMED 2019 garnered the support of 13 influential speakers with a wide variety of affiliations to the community, including UBC preseident Santa Ono, as well as the attention of over 220 participants coming from academia, industry, and government. Thank you to everyone who participated and attended. Thank You To Our Sponsors

Making Writing Easier

Who is this workshop for?  Researchers who are struggling with writing manuscripts, grants, research program descriptions for applications, scholarships or thesis. What is this workshop about?  Researchers tell me that writing is hard. They are overwhelmed by our ideas, unsure where to start, and feel lost at times. Melissa E Anders has been developing and implementing grants with scientists for more than 15 years and she has a deep curiosity and understanding about human nature and how we can harness our true selves. It is at this intersection that she draws from to support researchers in making writing easier. In this [...]

2019 Health and Regenerative Medicine Hackathon

After a very successful first event at UVic last year, we are making our 2nd annual Hackathon even bigger! With a cross-campus Hackathon happening between UVic and UBC! 🧬 What is a Hackathon? 🧬 A ‘traditional’ hackathon is an event where programmers get together for a short period of time to collaborate on a project. Typically, participants have 24-48 hours to consecutively work on the challenge with the goal of delivering a completed product/project at the end of that time period. 🔬 BUT 🔬 This is not your typical Hackathon! FIRST: you do not need a background in coding or computer science [...]

2019 BCRegMed Cascadia Corridor Research Symposium

Fairmont Empress - Shaughnessy Room 721 Government St, Victoria, BC

BCRegMed, with the Centre for Biomedical Research at the University of Victoria, the Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine at the University of Washington, and Stem Cell Network are proud to host the first Cascadia Regenerative Medicine Symposium. The event will take place October 24th and 25th in the Shaughnessy Room at the Fairmont Hotel in Victoria, BC, and will provide an opportunity for the rich academic talent pools from BC and Washington to share their knowledge and expertise with the community, generate new collaborative partnerships, identify existing gaps in the fields of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, and [...]

Tissue Clearing and Expansion

BCREGMED and the Dynamic Brain Circuits in Health & Disease team are excited to offer a full day workshop to facilitate the use of tissue clearing and expansion techniques in the regenerative medicine lab. November 7th 9am-4pm DMCBH Koerner Labs Conference Centre First floor, UBC Hospital Koerner Pavilion 2211 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 2B5 Purpose Biological specimens are intrinsically difficult to image.  Currently used tools and methods, which cut two-dimensional sections of tissue samples to provide insight into the cellular components, lack in their ability to reveal the systemic nature of tissues and organs which are inherently three-dimensional. On [...]


DMCBH Koerner Labs Conference Centre 8888 University Drive, Vancouver, BC

MICROBIOME RESOURCES & SEQUENCING AT UBC Half day workshop exploring the applications of microbiome research and currently used techniques and tools. Attendees will learn how to sequencing the microbiome and how to apply that data to determine the connection between gene expression and metabolic signatures. Agenda Talk – Kelly McNagny: Overview of the microbiome its applications to disease research (focus hematopoiesis, immune responses, and allergic disease) Talk – Carolina Tropini: Techniques to environmentally alter the microbiome (laxatives, antibiotics). Talk – Tao Huan: Metabolomics / Influence of microbiome on metabolomics analysis BREAK Talk – Lisa Osbourne: Microbiome and germ free mice as [...]

Virtual Writing Workshop


THE SURPRISING SECRET FIRST STEP TO SILENCING YOUR INNER CRITIC WITH MELISSA E. ANDERS In our current situation of a global pandemic, suddenly, you have the time to analyze your data and write your paper or grant. And, when you sit down to write, there is an opening for your inner critic. You will know the voice of your inner critic because it is stopping you from taking action. It may be any combination of doubt, questioning, confusion, circling, overanalyzing, perfecting and uncertainty. You also know, that even though it may feel like just a whisper, there is another part of [...]


Trainee Seminar Series


BC Regenerative Medicine is going digital and kicking off a reoccurring virtual seminar series organized and operated by trainees! Each seminar will give the trainee 20-25 minutes to present data relevant to their research followed by a 5-10 minute Q & A period. Seminars will be Wednesdays at 12pm and will happen so long as we have content! MONTHLY CASH PRIZE for best seminar!! Don’t have data ready to present but still want practice leading a seminar? Lead a Journal Club session instead! A new zoom link will be sent out each week! Sign up here to [...]

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