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In our current situation of a global pandemic, suddenly, you have the time to analyze your data and write your paper or grant.

And, when you sit down to write, there is an opening for your inner critic. You will know the voice of your inner critic because it is stopping you from taking action. It may be any combination of doubt, questioning, confusion, circling, overanalyzing, perfecting and uncertainty.

You also know, that even though it may feel like just a whisper, there is another part of you that has a desire to be clear, confident and taking action to make progress. You can see that there is a part of you that wants to make the most of this exceptional time that you have to dedicate to your writing.

So, the question becomes how do we silence our inner critic and grow the voice that is supporting us to write?

Well, it’s a process. Your next step is to accept our invitation to a complimentary one-hour Zoom Webinar so that you may learn the Surprising First Step to Silencing Your Inner Critic.

Event details:
Where; ZOOM teleconference
When: Tuesday April 7th, 11AM-12PM

Please sign up below to receive an invitation to a Zoom Meeting.

Spots will be reserved for the first 12 that sign up and we are closing this invitation on Friday Apr 3. Depending on interest, future workshops may be possible.

As a part of this opportunity, Melissa will also be offering you a complimentary one-hour Discovery Call to support you with next steps.

Did you connect with Melissa during the workshop and want to pursue additional support and guidance? If so we may be able to help. Apply for a Writing Aid Scholarship below: