Data Science

Data Science for the Regenerative Medicine Lab

Event Description

How can regenerative medicine goals be advanced by having better computational data science platforms. How do we best handle our data, how do we design our experiment so that we are collecting the right data, and how can we optimize that collection knowing how we want it to look. What tools are available to students and faculty that can improve their collection and analysis. Is there a place for machine learning in regenerative medicine, and how would we implement it? 

Learn all this and more at our DATA SCIENCE WORKSHOP, featuring David Becerra Alonso from  Loyola Andalucía UniversityMathematics and Engineering. 


Biomedical Research Centre Rm 351!

1) Types of data
2) Data processing
Coffee Break
3) Neural network behaviour and demystification of machine learning
4) Intro to image
5) Image analysis
6) Feature subset selection
7) Dimensionality reduction