SBME Hatch Life

SBME Hatch Life Incubator Program

The SBME Hatch Life is an interactive, flexible use space with  wet laboratory space (designed specifically for life sciences experiments) to serve new ventures in the life sciences cluster in Western Canada. We are part of HATCH:LIFE, a entrepreneurship@UBC (e@UBC) technology incubator program. Together, we support early stage life sciences ventures to be become competitive in the open market for securing funding, or commercial partnerships.

SBME Hatch Life Equipment and Infrastructure
3D Bioprinters –   tissue engineering and printing of more complex tissues and even full organs.
Material testing – rheometer, tensiometer, high speed camera
Cell culture – StemCell isolator, biosafety cabinet, pipettes
Bio-imaging – stereomicroscope, fluorescent microscope
Cell analysis – western blot automation, multiplex array, flow cytometry
General Laboratory equipment – refrigerated centrifuge, pipettes, fridge, freezer, liquid handling robot

For more details  please contact

Edwin Gershom, PhD
Partnerships and Innovation Manager,
School of Biomedical Engineering at The University of British Columbia


Thank you to WD for making this venture possible!