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2020 BCRegMed 4th Annual Symposium


BCREGMED and STEMCELL Technologies are proud to host this year's BCREGMED Symposium taking place September 29th and 30th. In keeping with provincial and federal guidelines, we have decided to take our Symposium VIRTUAL. The ongoing goal of BCREGMED is to provide opportunities for members of the regenerative medicine and cell therapy community to come together, identify existing gaps in the field, pursue new collaborations, and continue working toward effective and permanent solutions to some of today’s most challenging and prevalent health care issues. We believe this goal can be just as effectively realized through our new digital mediums. Last year our [...]



BCRegMed, with the Centre for Biomedical Research at the University of Victoria, and the Institute for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine at the University of Washington are proud to host the SECOND Annual Cascadia Regenerative Medicine Symposium. The event will take place VIRTUALLY November 5th and 6th (9AM-1PM BOTH DAYS) and will provide an opportunity for the rich academic talent pools from BC and Washington to share their knowledge and expertise with the community, generate new collaborative partnerships, identify existing gaps in the fields of regenerative medicine and cell therapy, and continue to work toward effective and permanent solutions to [...]

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