Dr. Fabio Rossi and Dr. Judy Illes: A consensus is building on how to move forward on stem cells (Repost)

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This is a re-post of the Op-Ed published in the Vancouver Sun, written by Dr. Fabio Rossi & Dr. Judy Illes (Updated: October 10, 2018) We collectively propose the formation of a stem cell provider registry program, in which those who enroll certify that they will adhere to the fundamental medical and ethical principles and values we describe. The registry would likely have to focus on the most common treatments, for example musculoskeletal health as a start. On Sept. 26, a small group representing both these communities from Canada and the U.S., as well as the government, gathered in Vancouver to [...]

October is stem cell awareness month!

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As part of stem cell awareness month the Stem Cell Network (SCN) has launched a new social media and outreach campaign using the hashtag #WeAreStemCells and the message: An investment in stem cell research is an investment in the future. This is our science. It’s Canada’s time! ! Their goal is to express to Canada’s Ministers of Science and Finance that our scientific community is outstanding and now is the time to provide stable and predictable funding for the Stem Cell Network. The success of this campaign depends on you - the more voices, the better!  You can participate by taking part [...]

A repurposed drug could open door to more stem cell transplants

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A medication used to treat joint and skin conditions might also help people whose only hope of surviving cancer is receiving stem cells from a donor, according to research by a University of British Columbia scientist. Transplants of blood stem cells, which can differentiate into all types of blood cells, can be a cure for life-threatening blood cancers like leukemia or lymphoma. But the treatment is often not pursued, because typical donations a often from umbilical cord blood a are unlikely to take root in a patienta s bone marrow and grow into a self-sustaining, blood-forming system. Researchers at UBC and [...]

Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Leaders Join Forces to Advance Canadaa s Position in the Field

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(March 9, 2017) Montreal - Stem cell science belongs to Canada and it is powering regenerative medicine. Today, leaders from across this emerging sector have joined forces to advance the field, through the newly created Regenerative Medicine Alliance of Canada (RMAC). The global market for regenerative medicine is expected to exceed US$49 billion by 2021.A Canada is well positioned to compete by moving its innovative treatments and therapies out of the lab and into the clinic. Countries around the world, including the U.S., Japan and the U.K., have already taken bold steps through investment and regulatory modernization to capture a significant [...]

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