Trainee Steering Committee

We are excited to announce that we have formed team of fantastic trainees who are the founders of the BCREGMED Trainee Steering Committee! They will be leading the charge on our quarterly newsletters, trainee-targeted symposium events and travel awards!

Lisa Bulaeva – PhD Candidate, Connie Eaves Lab, Terry Fox Laboratory, BC Cancer

Effimia Christidi – PhD Candidate, Liam Brunham Lab, Centre for Heart and Lung Innovation, University of British Columbia

Laura De la Vega – PhD Candidate, Stephanie Willerth Lab, Department of Medical Engineering, University of Victoria

Roza Ghaemi – PhD Candidate, Vikram Vadav Lab,A Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia

Ido Refaeli a a PhD Candidate, Kelly McNagny Lab, Biomedical Research Center, Department of Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia

Sanam Shafaat Talab – PhD Candidate, Glen Tibbits Lab, Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University

Juan Camilo Sanchez-Arias – PhD Candidate, Leigh-Anne Swayne Lab, Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria

Priye Iworima – PhD Candidate and Lab Manager, Tim Kieffer/Allard Cell Therapy Lab, UBC

Chloe Christiensen, PhD Candidate, Francis Choy Lab, Centre for Biomedical Research, University of Victoria