Kieran Hudson

Kieran is part of the Search and Evaluation team at CDRD, where he helps lead scientific analysis and strategic planning. This includes assessing new treatment approaches and opportunities within target disease areas, and identifying academic research projects with therapeutic and commercial potential to develop as new ventures. Relevant focus areas include in vitro disease models and regenerative medicine.

Trained as a chemist in the UK, Kieran holds a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford and a PhD from the University of Bristol. At Oxford he carried out research on the post-translational modification of proteins, and at Bristol was involved in developing synthetic biomaterials for regenerative medicine as well as carrying out computational analysis of biomolecular interactions. This latter work was awarded a Springer Thesis Prize and published as a book in 2018. He moved to Canada to carry out postdoctoral research in protein engineering and enzymology at UBC, working with a local biotechnology start-up to develop new synthetic routes to their key product. From there, he joined CDRD looking to use his scientific expertise to make a tangible impact in the life sciences sector.

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