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Blusson Spnal Cord Centre Lecture May 9th: When fibroblasts become contractile: benefits and problems a Dr. Boris Hinz

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Join us to hear Dr. Boris Hinz talk all things fibroblast! Dr. Boris Hinz is a University of Toronto Distinguished Professor in Tissue Repair and Regeneration with primary appointment in the Faculty of Dentistry, Matrix Dynamics Group. He has been president and is board member of the European Tissue Repair Society, Secretary and inaugural board member of the Canadian Connective Tissue Society, board member of the Wound Healing Society, the International Dupuytren Society and the Canadian Dupuytren Society, Senior Editor of the Journal Wound Repair and Regeneration, and Associate Member of the Faculty of 1000. Dr. Hinz works to understand the [...]


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Dr. David Glass is the Executive Director and Global Head of Muscle Diseases Research. A Dr.Glassa s seminar will discuss the Mechanisms mediating skeletal muscle mass, function and aging. If you areA interested in meeting with Dr. Glass, please contact Vittoria Canale atA [email protected]. Read more about the Seminar here!

March For Science Vancouver – April 22 2017

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Are you ready to walk out of the lab and into the streets for science?! Whether you're a scientist or a science enthusiast, A join the movementA on April 22, 2017 to celebrate the very important role science plays in our lives. This movement is taking place globally because thousands of people who value science in their lives have realized that staying silent is no longer an option. There are over +450 marches being planned across Canada and internationally in +30 countries. Check Out all of the details on the March For Science Vancouver Facebook Page!

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